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Why I Ride A Motorcycle?

My first motorcycle memory is around 10 years old, from the back seat of our family vehicle. My dad said, "I bet the motorcycle in front of us will waive at the next motorcycle we see." I thought Dad was supernatural for knowing such a thing.

That waive has continued to draw me in. I am an introvert... but yet I get to boldly make friends without emotional drain.

Nowadays... riding is a happy place. Great adventures have been had behind these bars... with my husband, children, friends, etc.

Motorcycle Training Course

Basic Rider Course 2009

I was looking for a creative gift for my oldest sons birthday and discovered the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). I watched his class from the parking lot, decided it looked fun, and signed myself up for the next class. The gradual skill progression was calming and built confidence.

Through the years, so many skills from the course has been used.

  • Looking through corners makes my curves smoother and helps me see possible obstacles sooner.

  • Searching the upcoming radius of a curve in order to brake to a proper speed before cornering.

  • It is important to stay focused because reaction time is extended with delays.

I am very grateful for MSF skills. I have enjoyed many safe miles because of this training and skill strength happened much quicker because of the guidance.

What do I ride?

I started this journey on a 650 Honda Shadow in 2009. Since, I have owned a Sportster, Fat Boy, and now a Street Glide. I love all kinds of bikes and hopefully will be adding a sport bike to the mix soon.

Motorcycle Adventure

The Lord has allowed us to do some great work for Him throughout this biker journey. We have also made some of the best friends of our lives within this community!

We live in TN, so there are so many great curvy roads with beautiful scenery. We love to explore and enjoy our beautiful state.

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