brc2 / erc

Experienced rider Course

For riders who already have basic motorcycle skills and want to improve.

Riders will ride at higher speeds and should be on their own motorcycle.

Saturday - Monthly | 7a-2p | TTU


This is a half day course:

  • 6 hour session of training.

    • Discovering what you and your motorcycle can do .

    • Under the watchful and helpful eye of a professional RiderCoach.

  • Practice on YOUR OWN motorcycle.

    • Practice low speed maneuvering exercises in order to be more comfortable with your bike at low speeds.​

    • Hazard avoidance exercises including:

      • stopping​

      • swerving

      • obstacle handling

    • Cornering exercises at speeds requiring counter-steering.​


    • DOT Helmet

    • Over the ankle BOOTS.​

    • Long sleeve shirt or jacket

    • Long denim JEANS (no holes)

    • Full-fingered gloves


This course is for riders who:

  • Have basic riding skills.

  • Ride a street bike consistently, for at least 6 months.

  • Interested in becoming a better, safer rider.

  • Want to learn more about reducing risks of riding in traffic

  • Would like to practice learned skills on their own motorcycle.

  • Already ride, but need a TN State motorcycle license.


Sccessful BRC graduates will:

  • Have both the written and riding tests waived at the TN DMV for your "M" endorsement

  • Receive a Rider Course Completion Card. Present this card to

    • your insurance company to receive the "TN Safe-Rider Discount"​

    • sponsors for graduation gifts